7 Gorgeous Trending Hair Style in year 2020

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May 28, 2020

7 Gorgeous Trending Hair Style in year 2020

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Your hair plays a major role in accentuating your looks. Your hairstyle adds to your physical features and rather highlights your beauty and personality. Fashioning or styling your hair is an integral and important aspect of your grooming. Your hairstyle makes up your entire persona and you need to pay a lot of attention to your hairstyle

Your hairstyle should match with your other physical features and not stand out as something different from your physical get up. At the same time, you should not become overly conscious of your hairstyle. The styling of your hair should be in tandem with your poise, stature, and body movements. It should be comfortable and not prove to be a hindrance while you get on with your work. This helps you carry off your hairstyle gracefully.

The choice of a hairstyle rests mainly with you. Since you and your hairstyle would be an intrinsic part of each other, you should choose a hairstyle you like and find it simple to gel with your preferences. It should be practical so that you can manage your hair easily.

Another important feature of your hairstyle is that it should not be too expensive. Spending hordes of money on a specific hairdo does not prove practical; rather spending a nominal amount keeps you happy with your looks and your wallet. A good hairstyle should not be too exaggerated and should have very little maintenance costs.

The most important factor to be considered while choosing your hairstyle is the shape of your face. Face shapes could be oblong, round, oval, heart-shaped, square, diamond-shaped, or others. Oval and heart-shaped faces prove to be the perfect ones that match with any hairstyle. An equally important factor that decides your hairstyle is the length and quality of your hair


Round Face Hair Styles

If you have a round face, do not cut your hair too short. This emphasizes the roundness of your face and makes your face look broader. Instead, opt for short and blunt haircuts for your round face. This hairstyle forms a frame around your face and enhances your beauty. If you have a long and thin face, a short bob would make your face look thinner and longer. A long face looks better with long and loose hair.


Square Face Hair Styles

A wavy hairstyle with curly hair best suits a square face. You could experiment wearing curls or waves rounding off as angles around the outer edges of your face. If your face is triangular, your hairstyle should keep away your hair from your face at your temples and forehead while you could wear small curls at your jaws. Short or medium hairstyles best suit oblong or rectangular faces. Oval and diamond-shaped faces look gorgeous with short, medium, or long hairstyles.


Medium Hair Length Styles

If you have long and thick locks, you can experiment and wear it in any form you choose. If your hair is of medium or thick texture, styling and maintaining is essential to adapt to any style. You can use your hair as an important accessory for your looks. If you have very fine hair, it may not gel well with a long and narrow face, Short hairdos suit all types of hair. You can create different hairstyles with wavy, fine, curly, or straight hair.


Hair Parting Style

Hair partings also add to your hairstyle. A straight parting at the center adds width to your brow. Side or off-center partings make your appear narrower. The fullness of your hairstyle also reflects on your looks. Fullness at your jaw-line broadens your lower face while fullness at your crown makes your face look longer and accentuates your cheeks and brow: Full hair brushed away from your face pops your cheekbones and makes your eyes look wider. Small ringlets, curls, or wasps of hair can soften your hairstyle and reduce the sternness of a pulled-up hairstyle.

Hair Style for Long Hair


Long hair offers the maximum leverage for trying out different hairstyles. Yet, it could prove little difficult managing long hair. Common hairstyles for long hair include fancy ponytails with fastening hair at the nape of the neck or using attractive elastics and hair ties to fasten hair loosely yet into a special style, half-up and half-down hairstyle, or a sizable bun, and similar more. You need to take care that your long hair does not develop any tangles that could prove time taking and difficult to entangle. Short hairstyles are often easier to manage and maintain. You can use simple accessories like headbands, hair bands, headscarves, clips, and embellished combs. These accessories not only accentuate your hairstyle but also add elegance to your personality and looks


Hair Style for Short Hair

Short hairstyles are no longer addressed as tomboy cuts. These hairstyles suit women of any age group. Rather, short hairstyles suit older women more as wrinkles are more accentuated by long hair. Short hairstyles reflect more on facial expressions and help in making elderly women younger and more eloquent.

The latest trends of short hairstyles include bob, bang, shag, pixie, perm, layers, and curls. If you have straight hair, try short hairstyles with layers and attractive bangs or go for pixie cuts. Alternatively, you can try a short hairstyle with choppy cuts in an erratic manner. A simple boy cut is still very much in fashion. If you have shoes and curly hair, popular hairstyles include bouncy and short or loose curls.


Hair Style for Medium Hair 

Medium length hair offers sufficient versatility to adopt hairstyles that are possible with short and long hair. Medium length hair is longer than short hair yet is not as long as long hair. Therefore, you can experiment as many styles as you like with medium length hair. Medium length hairstyles accentuate your facial features. This hair length can highlight the beauty of your neck while a hairstyle of short hair may overdo the same. In some cases, medium length hair can help you hide various features.

If you have medium length hair, you can try different variations of short and long hairstyles. You can wear your hair loose, curl at the ends, do it in a bun, or just do anything with medium length hair. Medium length hair is very adaptable and therefore you can try many variations hairstyle, popular hairstyles for medium length hair include shag, bob, and straight cuts.



To Conclude for Fashionable haircuts for medium hair in 2020, both simple and multilayer hairstyles are fashionable. Straight hair with smooth cut and side parting is the main trend of 2020. Such haircuts stylists advise to put in lungs waves and ringlets. For thin hair, haircuts with layers are suitable. The oblique long bangs are also fashionable and trending so to some extent we have covered all the trending hairstyles for this year that will be a fashion and style statement for you.


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