Hair Smoothening – The Process

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March 29, 2020
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April 3, 2020

Hair Smoothening – The Process

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Hair Smoothening is similar to keratin but instead of keratin a Loreal or schwarzkopf cream is used. It used as per the hair texture of the hair who have wavy hair or even straight hair which is frizzy, Dry, Oily.

It will smoothen out the frizz, dry, oily and make the hair more smooth and straight and it will give a natural look to the hair at some extent. Ladies with very curly hair may not like the results as it stay for six to eight months. But if you wish to have natural-looking, straight hair which does not look artificially straightened, this is the best option. The results won’t last too long but if you have very light waves or straight hair it will save you from having bad hair days. some more tips to manage dry & frizzy hair.

we advises to go for Hair Rebonding or Smoothening as the re-growth in Hair Rebonding is completely natural and in case of Hair smoothening, while it won’t make hair extremely straight so it looks very much like natural silk and smooth hair, same it will depend the hair shampoo and mask used after the process , the amount of care you take after it will all depend how much time the smoothening hair will be last long.

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