How to make hair soft and shiny at Home

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May 3, 2020
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How to make hair soft and shiny at Home

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In the festival season, you can make your hair soft and shiny from home. If you do not have time to go to the parlor, do not worry, we are telling you some easy hair care tips, which you can try to make your hair soft and shiny from home.

Make hair soft and shiny ·

·          If you do not have a lot of time for hair care, then you can apply a homemade hair mask to your hair while doing other household chores. You can make your hair soft and shiny by applying a homemade hair mask.

·          To repair damaged hair, mash avocado with egg and apply it to wet hair. Wash after 20 minutes. Avocado is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It repairs damaged hair and makes them health

·          Blend 2 eggs, 2 mashed bananas, 2-2 tsp gooseberries, Reetha and Shikakai powder, 2 tablespoons fenugreek powder, 1 pinch of black pepper powder in a mixer to make the hair soft and shiny Apply it well to the end. Leave this hair mask on the hair for 45 minutes and then shampoo it. This hair pack nourishes hair and makes them soft. If you have dry hair, then this homemade hair pack is very beneficial for you.

·          If the shine of your hair has faded, then try this Homemade Hair Mask – Mix henna powder, Amla powder, and lemon juice to increase the shine of hair. Leave this pack in the hair for 45 minutes. Then wash the hair. By applying this homemade hair mask, your hair will immediately get a new glow.

·          To increase the shine of hair immediately, make a hair mask by adding coconut oil to the egg and apply it to the hair. After this, soak the towel in lukewarm water and cover the hair, after 20 minutes wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

·          To provide protein treatment to hair, apply this protein mask in hair. For this, 1 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp glycerin, 1 tsp cider vinegar, 1 tsp protein, 1 tbsp mild herbal shampoo. Mix all and massage on the scalp. Wash after 20 minutes. There will be a new glow in your hair

·          When your hair is wet, do not comb it, it causes hair to break and fall quickly. Instead, sort out the hair with light hands or sweep the hair with a wide-tooth comb.

·          Pins and clips are used to keep the hair properly set, so do not use inadvertent and old rusted clips and pins when removing the pins. Also, use a rubber base instead of a rubber band.

·          The way we protect our faces from the sun, similarly we need to protect our hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Staying in the sun for too long damages hair, You should try to keep our hair covered with hats or any cotton cloth while getting out in the sun.


Hair Spa

Hair spa has become a trend nowadays. Hair spa is the best remedy for hair treatment. With this treatment, you can bring life to your damaged hair. Along with this, the spa is also very helpful to make them shiny and to remove dandruff.


Make Hair Spa at home for soft and shiny hair

If you do not have time to go to the parlor, then you can do a hair spa at home. How to do hair spa at home

Start the hair spa with a scalp massage. For this, massage oil for 15-20 minutes with coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or sesame oil, which suits your hair texture, it increases blood circulation and makes hair grow faster

·          To treat hair with a hair spa, you need herbal or natural shampoos along with this, homemade herbal conditioners and towels that are tied with plastic covers.

·          For a hair spa, oiling is essential first. First, massage the hair with oil. In this, you mix with one of the coconut oil in other oil and massage the hair and roots thoroughly with fingers. Massage your hair with oil, which will speed up blood circulation. Massage will strengthen your hair roots, as well as stop hair loss and breakage. Let the oil remain on the hair for about half an hour and relax without straining for half an hour.

·          Massage the hair thoroughly and cover the hair with a towel. For this, take lukewarm water in a large size bowl and soak the towel in it. Then squeeze the towel and drain the excess water. Cover the entire hair with this towel. By doing this, the oil applied to the hair will reach from the root and nourish the hair. Wrap the towel in the hair for 15-20 minutes.

·          Steam – After massaging with oil, it is necessary to give steam to the hair. This makes the hair soft. To give steam, soak the towels in hot water and squeeze it, see if the water is not too hot. Now wrap the towels in the hair and tie them. Leave it for about 15 minutes. With this, the oil will reach the hair well.

·          After Steam, the next step is to shampoo. For this, use good quality clearing shampoo. Shampoo hair thoroughly and wash in cold water. If after this the oil remains in the hair, then repeat the process of shampooing again and after that tie the hair well with a towel for some time. Remove the towel with light wet hair and decorate the hair with a comb with big and wide teeth.

·          Hair Conditioning is the most important part of a hair spa. There are many quality conditioners in the market. Use conditioner according to what your hair is like. If you have colored hair or you color your hair from time to time, then you have to use a conditioner that contains protein. This will keep the moisture in your hair and shine. If you do not trust the conditioners available in the market then you can also make conditioners at home. For this, you will need honey, coconut oil, apple peels, and eggs.

·          Now wash hair. Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo to wash hair


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